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    Parents of Children and Teens

    “He really wants you to see how hard he’s working on his goals. He cannot wait to come to speech therapy. He even did his homework on our vacation, and he brought you a souvenir.”
    – Mother of 11 yr old boy after four months of voice therapy
    “There is always so much laughter in your session and fun in the homework. Her twin was sometimes envious of her sister’s time with you! Thanks for incorporating her (twin) into (Client’s) homework. She really feels like she is helping.”
    – Mother of a 9 year old girl, results of working with a San Diego Speech Therapist over her summer break

    Pediatric Speech Therapy“Now we know how to help our son communicate his needs in a more appropriate way.”

    – Mother of 3 year old boy with Autism and behavioral outbursts had completed one month parent training

    “I used to feel so guilty for my son’s lack of development. I’ve learned to be more accepting of my child’s differences and to celebrate the small victories. We both understand the whole behavior situation better because we take turns in his speech therapy sessions.”
    – Parents of 2 1/2 year old boy with developmental concerns after two and a half months of work with San Diego Speech Therapist
    “My whole family has noticed the difference (in her speech and expressive language skills)”
    – Mother of 3 1/2 year old girl after two months of speech/language therapy

    “You really care Ms. Deb. He’s become really attached to you and he talks about you when we aren’t here.”

    – Nanny of 3 1/2 year old boy with developmental disorder after four months of speech/language therapy

    “Her bite is really closing.”
    – Mother of 11 year old after eight sessions of tongue thrust therapy
    “Her orthodontist was really impressed with the changes in her bite.”
    – Mother of child age 13, tongue thrust therapy


    Senior Adults

    “I really understand her swallowing problems better. It was embarrassing for her to eat in public because of the choking and coughing; but now that she’s swallowing better, we can go out without a traumatic experience.”
    – Son of woman, age 73, swallowing therapy
    “I am going back to work now!” (as a receptionist) “People can understand me again.”
    – Woman, age 52, tongue cancer resection patient

    Senior Adult Speech Therapy“You deliver fine care. You have taken regular inventory of my ongoing progress and you are truly an expert in your field.”

    – Male, age 84, swallowing therapy

    “I’m really pleased with your enthusiasm. We’ve done more in two sessions than I did in three weeks with (another therapist)”.
    – Woman, age 62


    Professional Adult Development

    “People are noticing a difference already and I like that.”
    – Woman, age 57
    “I’ve learned so much, my teeth are already shifting.”
    – Woman, age 36, after five sessions of tongue thrust therapy

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