Parent and Teacher Roles in SLP

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What is the Parent and Teachers Roles in Speech/Language Development?

The most frequent question we hear is

“What can I do to help my child develop better speech and/or language?”

We would like to commend you for taking interest in helping a child develop to his/her best potential.  Being a child’s champion or advocate is the first and most important step.  By asking questions such as this, and by seeking answers from many sources, you have already begun to help.  Your understanding of what is going well in your child’s development and what is not developing on its own is key.  You are your child’s most important speech/language role model by virtue of the bond you share and the amount of time and daily experiences you have together.  You are the prime source of learning for your little one.

Professionals are experts in their studied field.  Parents are a child’s expert.  Professionals and parents need each other in order to provide the most comprehensive care for a child.  Professionals learn from parents a child’s routines, familiar vs. new experiences, dislikes, likes and special ways of responding.  Parents access information and a specific care plan from professionals.  Parents often expect to have their own behavior to be modified via feedback from the professional.

By asking many questions and observing a child in action with their parents, professionals are able to provide information and suggestions which allow parents to carry-on with targeted activities and help with delivery of a program designed to meet your child’s unique needs.  With increased parent confidence and knowledge, important activities can continue well beyond the end of a therapy session.

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